Sauna or individual Hammam

If both practices are based body by relaxing muscles, improve sleep and eliminate toxins, it remains to choose what type of equipment installed.

In case neither method is your preference, here’s something to help you make your decision:

steam bath HammamThe Hammam (steam bath) : a single cabin requires inlet and outlet water, and a sufficient ceiling height (count 2 meters). Then know that several kinds of cabins available:

  • cabin: kit (cheaper) or already designed by a manufacturer, version shower, bath, or even combined spa / sauna / steam room!
  • tailored more expensive, of course, a pre-defined model, it adapts to the size of the destination room. The concrete base is covered with tiles or mosaics may, for example, you move in settings inspired by the Orient …

However, if you have a classic cabin shower and you have a space as possible, simply opt for the steam generator alone!

The Sauna: several systems are now available:

  • traditional sauna is a wooden cabin and a stove. It can be powered over a wood fire or gas.home sauna
  • electric sauna is the most common. The principle? Porous stones are placed on the stove and watered regularly to produce the desired heat
  • infrared sauna, trendy: it is not, as previously, to heat the air in the cabin, but the body. Body temperature is uniform, and the largest sweating. This model temperature rises quickly and does not require an electrical outlet.

Now you know the models most commonly used and sold. Prices vary greatly, we can not show here. For you to make your own opinion, and soon enjoy the warm well-being!